Seastrike Boats


The ultimate fishing lure boat for those tougher conditions with sleek look, lowered bow, straight-through sides, strong transom and neat compact engine well.  The full floor superstructure as in the 16ft Semi Vee, including an essential locker, swivel seats, a plush quick drying marine grade carpet, means all the comfort you need for those long fishing expeditions.  The fully welded, built in, raised casting platform allows viewing lures on the water with ease.


The planing lure hull is CE classified as category C, meaning it is ideal for use inshore, on big lakes and estuaries. Perfect for the avid fishermen or day-to-day family use.


Included as standard:

+    Large casting deck with built in storage locker
+    Marine grade carpet on all raised decks
+    Full flat floor with built in buoyancy
+    Engine well
+    Double gunwales
+    Two swivel seats


Customisable options:

+    Rod locker
+    Anchor storage


Optional extras:

+  Side rails
+  Bow locker
+  Swivel seat and saddle
+  Bow motor mount
+  Bow Roller
+  Cleats

SEMI VEE LURE Specifications:

16'/4.9m20009806905042340420C - inshore
17'/5.2m20009806905042380440C - inshore