Seastrike Boats


This is a best seller of the range, as it combines the stability of the flat, but has the easy steer of the vee, making it good to row or for use with an engine. The power to weight ratio means you only need a small engine to get it to plane. Its shallow draft make slipways unnecessary, and many extras can be added to make this the perfect all round boat for your needs.

Ideal for inland fishing, day-to-day family use, rowing clubs, rescue and work boats.


This is a category D, semi plaining hull which has the advantages of being a planing hull with the Vee at the bow, but also keeps the stability of a flat bottom hull as it is flatter at the stern. Ideal for lakes, rivers and estuaries.


This is available in a lightweight and heavyweight version.  The lightweight version is car top-able, is a 2mm construction with shallow draft and is available from 10-14ft.

The heavy duty is available from 16-20ft and is of 3mm construction which comes as standard with the following:
+    Full flat floor
+    Double gunwales
+    Engine well

Many other extras can be added to make this boat the perfect boat for your needs. e.g Steering consoles, cuddys, hand rails, lockers, live bait tanks, etc.


Optional extras:

+  Aluminium cuddy (only on 16' up)
+  Full floor (comes standard on 16' up)
+  Side rails
+  Double gunwales (comes standard on 16' up)
+  Bow locker
+  Steering console and remote bracket
+  Swivel seat and saddle
+  Engine well (comes standard on 16' up)
+  Extra thwart seat
+  Bow Roller
+  Cleats

SEMI FLAT Specifications:

10ft/3m14005004809.92290275D - inland
12ft/3.7m14005804802032110350D- inland
14ft/4.3m15006505602042150425D- inland
16ft/4.9m18507806004052220500C - inshore
18ft/5.6m18507806005052260575C - inshore
20ft/6m21507806005052310600C - inshore