Seastrike Boats


The Semi Vee is a light, robust planing hull.  High freeboards and chine sections deflect water away from passengers and therefore provide a comfortable and, most importantly, a dry ride. Its power to weight ratio enables you to make a fast return to shore.


A category C hull, which is a planing hull, ideal for inshore, big lakes and estuaries. Suitable for fishermen or day-to-day family use.


We make a standard light weight version in 2mm auminium construction (12-14ft). A steering console and remote bracket can be added to suit your needs. We also make a standard heavy duty version with 3 mm construction (16' upwards). This comes as standard with the following:
+    Full flat floor
+    Double gunwales
+    Engine well


Buoyancy is obtained from within the seats on smaller options and in addition from between the two floor skins on larger options.


  • A full non-slip floor, engine well and double gunwales are standard on 16' models up
  • All options are constructed with heavy duty gunwhale and keel/chine sections, resisting rough treatment on river banks and beaches
  • Usable in fresh or salt water environments and are ideal for use with electric motors in sensitive areas


Optional extras:

+  Aluminium cuddy (only on 16' up)
+  Full floor (comes standard on 16' up)
+  Side rails
+  Double gunwales (comes standard on 16' up)
+  Bow locker
+  Steering console and remote bracket
+  Swivel seat and saddle
+  Engine well (comes standard on 16' up)
+  Extra thwart seat
+  Bow Roller
+  Cleats

SEMI VEE Specifications:

12ft/3.7m16009006101522120275D- inland
14ft/4.3m16509006102032140350C - inshore
16ft/4.9m20009806905044260420C- inshore
18ft/5.6m200011007305044280475C- inshore