Seastrike Boats


Robust and durable

Aluminium boats are significantly more robust compared to its fibreglass, wood and steel counterparts. Aluminium has great toughness and it will resist impacts that fibreglass would not survive. It is also highly ductile, and is able to withstand harsh conditions. Even in the unfortunate event of the boat getting damaged, its relatively easy to repair without losing strength and integrity to give aluminium boats a longer life span. 


Aluminium boats are far lighter than its counterparts. Due to the power to weight ratio, aluminium boats require smaller horsepower engines and therefore, provide better fuel economy. The reduced weight also makes handling, launching and recovery more simple. A 4x4 is not required to tow a Seastrike boat and the majority of Seastrike models come under the UK/EU 750kg limit for braked trailers.


Aluminium is a highly versatile material. It can be easily customised and shaped to meet specific design requirements, allowing for the creation of unique and innovative designs. This gives every customer the capability to create the perfect boat of their dreams.

Low maintenance

Aluminium does not suffer any damage from the sun and also exhibits high resistance to corrosion and structural wear and tear. Therefore, little maintenance is required.

Value for money

Due to the durable nature, aluminium boats have an extremely long life span. Some of Seastrike's first boats from over 40 years ago are still in use today. With a long life span and easy maintenance, aluminium boats have a tendency to preserve its resale value better than its competing materials. If you're thinking about reselling the boat in the future, aluminium may be the best choice.


The process of creating an aluminium boat is more environmentally friendly and less resource intensive than creating a fiberglass boat. This makes aluminium an eco-friendlier option from the outset. Aluminium is also easily recyclable, meaning it can find new life if the boat is ever retired or destroyed. Seastrike only uses certified materials and sources all aluminium from mills within the UK and EU.